My Top 10 Wedding Registry Must Haves

What We Use Most (5 Years Later!)

If you’re reading this as a bride to be, CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an exciting season of your life, and I’m so darn happy you’re in the midst of experiencing such bliss. I would relive those months leading up to our wedding day over and over again if I could. With that said, one of the most stressful parts of wedding day prep was the process of creating a registry. Registering for a wedding can be SO overwhelming, especially when you’re looking to furnish a new home post-wedding. Kendall and I hadn’t officially lived together prior to our wedding day, so we were truly starting from scratch when we created ours. After almost 5 years of marriage, here’s what we think are the top 10 MUST-HAVES to put on your wedding registry + a snippet of what NOT to register for.

1. Calphalon Premier Pots/Pans

Instead of registering for a giant set of pots and pans, just register for what you NEED. Kendall and I cook daily, and we end up using the same 1-2 frying pans and the same 2-3 pots every time we cook. All homes we’ve lived in up to this point haven’t had enough cabinet storage for a plethora of extra pots and pans, so we recommend registering for a few single items that are high-quality. We decided to splurge on the Calphalon Premier brand and have NEVER looked back. These are AMAZING, non-stick, and they still look brand new.

2. KitchenAid Food Processor

Small kitchen appliances are a great thing to add to your registry because they typically fall in the price range that a lot of people are looking to spend on a wedding gift. Kendall and I LOVE this little gadget and use it several times a week to: dice onion, chop veggies, shred chicken, puree sauces, etc. It cuts down our meal prep each week significantly! It’s also super compact and doesn’t take up much room which is always a plus.

3. Step Ladder

I know what you’re thinking, but trust me on this one. Kendall and I left this OFF our registry, and someone still bought it for us. I remember thinking I’d never use it, but low and behold it’s one of the items we’ve used the most over the past 5 years!

4. Toolbox

This is SO important, especially if you’re like Kendall and me (the least handy couple of all time). We got married shortly after graduating college, and all we had tool-wise was a pink mini toolkit I received as a high school graduation gift. Save yourself time and money, and go ahead and register for a wide array of necessary tools, a measuring tape, a level, AND a box to store it all in!

5. Food Storage Containers

Remember what I said about not registering for a big set of pots/pans? Well I’m telling you the opposite when it comes to food storage containers. These are a MUST in our house. We use them constantly for things like leftovers, Sunday meal preps, packing lunches for work, and to travel with. The more the merrier!

6. Air Fryer

Do NOT register for anything you don’t have full intentions of utilizing. Air fryers are amazing if you know how to use them + what they can make – but they’re pretty bulky to store if you don’t think you’re going to use it enough. We’re constantly finding new ways to use ours, but right now it’s mainly used for baked chicken parm, coconut-crusted chicken, fries, salmon, and any freezer foods that might normally be cooked in the oven!

7. Luggage Set

Major. Key. This is one of those big-ticket items that you won’t want to purchase for yourself down the road. Kendall and I have a 3-piece set of luggage from Calpak that we use every. single. time. we travel! We spent a lot of time reading reviews on the best luggage sets, so just do your research prior to registering to make sure they’ll hold up well. And one more tip… USE THEM! Travel and see the world with your new spouse. It’s the best part of marriage in our opinion!

8. Oneida Silverware Set

I’ve seen a lot of people refrain from registering for nice silverware because of the price tag. And I get it… silverware is NOT a fun gift to receive. But this is something you’re going to use and eat off of every darn day. So bite the bullet, register for a nice set (or 2 like we did!), and you’ll thank yourself later.

9. Assortment of Blankets

Kendall and I took an L on this one because we didn’t register for a SINGLE blanket. But ooo girl, you can NEVER have enough blankets. We store at least 2 in every room of our home, and they always come in handy when we have friends/family over! I suggest registering for a few that are lightweight for summer + a few heavier ones for winter!

10. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This one is 100% based on if you’ll use it. True Life: I originally wanted a stand mixer because I thought it would look pretty on our countertops (hella expensive decor piece, huh?!). Thank goodness I love it and use it quite often for baking and making allllll the dips, BUT we store it in the cabinet because counter space has always been too tight!

A Waste of Space (for us)!

When you’re creating your registry, it’s important to remember that the more you add, the less likely it is that all your “must-have” items will end up being purchased and gifted to you. For example, if you REALLY want a KitchenAid Mixer but you end up registering for a bunch of fluff you don’t truly want or need, then every one of those “duds” people end up buying is money that could’ve been spent on that mixer! Keep your registry condensed to what you think you’ll utilize. Don’t register for something just because someone else has it or a blog (like this one) tells you you need it! Here are a few items Kendall and I registered for that were total flops and never used:

  • Rice Cooker
  • Large Vegetable Steamer
  • Wok Frying Pan
  • “His” / “Her” Items (or monogrammed pieces)
  • Pre-filled Spice Rack

I hope this was helpful! And another big congrats to all you brides out there. Just remember that NO amount of “things” you do or don’t receive will outweigh the joy you’re about to experience on that day and beyond. If you haven’t checked out My Top 10 Wedding Day Tips post, head there now!

xoxo, Katie

Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover of sushi, Prosecco, and the Tennessee mountains.

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