My Ultimate Packing Lists for Any Trip

HAPPY WEEKEND, BABE! Today’s post is one that I’m SO excited to share. As quarantine restrictions begin to loosen, I know so many of us have one thing on the mind: VACATION. Travelling is one of my ALL-TIME favorite things to do, but with travel comes a ton of prep work. Before a vacay I always find myself scheduling self-care appointments, running to Target to get supplies for the trip, and cleaning the house to ensure I don’t come home to a mess. Between all of those “chores”, I need my packing process to be QUICK and EASY. I’ve always been a major “list girl”, and over the years I’ve bought so many different packing checklists in an effort to make sure NOTHING is left behind. I quickly realized that no matter how “ultimate” or “comprehensive” the packing lists claimed to be, they never FULLY fit my needs.

So ya know what I did?

YUP. I made my own. And I included every. single. possible. item. that I pack on either an overnight, weekend, or week-long trip. AND I figured I’d share it with y’all in case, like me, you’re tired of showing up to a destination and realizing you forgot your phone charger. jewelry. socks. or, even worse, your undies. So today I’m sharing MY ULTIMATE PACKING LISTS FOR ANY TRIP. You may be wondering why that’s plural? Well, it’s because I’m absolutely ridiculous and made THREE lists:

  1. The Ultimate Packing List – this list is for the “simple girl” who doesn’t feel the need to plan out daily outfits and just wants a quick checklist to make sure every item is accounted for.
  2. The Ultimate Packing List + A Daily Outfit Planner – this list is similar to The Ultimate Packing List, but it’s made for a girl like me who likes to know EXACTLY what she’s wearing down to the shoes and accessories. Instead of having a broad topics like “shirts, pants, underwear, etc.”, it has a daily layout so you can write in exactly what outfits you plan on wearing.
  3. Makeup and Skincare List – You’ll see “Makeup*” and “Skincare*” on both of the ultimate packing lists, and the asterisk is to inform you that I have a comprehensive list of ALL makeup and skincare products on a separate list at the bottom of this post!

I’ve put a downloadable link for EACH of these lists underneath the respective photo. So please feel free to take full advantage of these FREE lists, download them, and print them out to use for your next trip! HERE WE GO:


The ULTIMATE PACKING checkLIST + a daily outfit planner

makeup + Skincare packing list

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SAFE TRAVELS, FRIEND! I hope this helps alleviate some pre-vacay stresses for you!
xoxo, KAtie

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