The Ultimate Packing List (Baby Edition)

Packing for myself? Difficult. Packing for myself AND a 9-month old? Practically impossible. To make life a smidge easier, I compiled a list of necessities to create The Ultimate Packing List – Baby Edition for our first beach trip with Cameron. This packing list was made with a water-based destination in mind. The top section includes The Daily Essentials that can be packed for any location/destination, but the bottom includes must haves that are specific To the Pool/Beach.

You can click the link below the photo to download it and store the list on your phone! Or you can print it off, laminate it, and reuse it each time you take your little one on a trip. HAPPY PACKING, MAMA!

You can shop the essentials we use and love at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to CLICK HERE to check out/download my OG Ultimate Packing Lists.

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