Sephora VIB Spring Sale 2020: Non-Makeup Recommendations

Sephora VIB Spring Sale 2020: My Top Non-Makeup Recommendations -

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I am BACK with more recommendations for the Sephora VIB Sale 2020 that went live yesterday for all Rouge Members! Yesterday’s post covers all my top makeup recommendations, but TODAY I’m sharing My Top Non-Makeup Recommendations! This list includes a wide range of my favorite hair care, skincare, perfume, and tanning products! As a reminder, I tried to narrow these recommendations down to my most loved products. If you want to see other beauty related products I recommend, you can check out those blog posts HERE! And stay tuned because Iโ€™ll be sharing my personal wishlist soon! *Disclaimer โ€“ I know times are tough for many of us. I never want what I share to make you feel pressured, so please donโ€˜t feel like you need any of these items. I just wanted to share this list for any of you that still plan on shopping the sale.

  • VIB Rouge: 20% off || April 17th – May 1st
  • VIB: 15% off || April 21st – April 29th
  • Beauty Insider: 10% off || April 23rd – April 27th


    #1 Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask || I typically don’t dabble in skincare from Sephora. I love the medical-grade products I use, but when it comes to masking I’ve recently tried a few that I LOVE, and this is one of them! It feels cold when you apply it, and when you remove it your skin feels and looks SO fresh and clean! I use this once every 10 days or so. It’s perfect for a night of self-care! || regularly $38 || SHOP IT HERE

    #2 Tan Luxe THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops || This is a ride or die product for me, y’all! I’ve talked about it SO many times… and spoiler alert: it’s on my personal wishlist too because I’m almost out of my bottle! I use the shade medium-dark, and I mix them in with my face moisturizer at night. When I wake up I have the most beautiful and glowing tan! || regularly $49 || SHOP IT HERE

    #3 Slip Silk Pillowcase || Another redundant product I’ve mentioned several times before, but silk pillowcases are SO great for your hair and skin! The sale is the perfect time to snag one since they’re pretty pricey! || regularly $89 || SHOP IT HERE

    #4 Perfumes || I think I’ve bought every perfume I own during the Sephora sales. Perfume is NOT cheap, so I love using the discount to buy a new scent for the season! It’s also the perfect time to grab some cologne for the man in your life too! I’m linking my three favorite scents of ALL TIME here. || ONE, TWO, and THREE

    #5 Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Finishing Spray || I get about 3-4 bottles of this every Christmas from family members because they all know how much I love it! It’s the perfect “all-in-one” hair product. It adds a ton of volume and texture + it refreshes your hair! I use it EVERY single day! || regularly $26 || SHOP IT HERE

    #6 T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand Set || I get a lot of questions about what I use to curl my hair, and the answer is THIS. I almost always use the 1″ barrel for beachy waves. This set is SUCH a steal right now – it’s usually $300, and it’s currently already on sale for $250. So if you’re a Rouge member you can get the set for just $200 during the VIB Sale!! || regularly $300 || SHOP IT HERE

    #7 Drybar Super Lemon Drop Brush || I shared my love for this brush in a recent post all about my favorite hair products. I have this in the full size and in the mini travel size. It’s the best brush, y’all! || regularly $20 || SHOP IT HERE

    #8 Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask || The most nourishing conditioner I have EVER used. Hands down! I’ll be repurchasing this during the sale because I’m almost out of mine. You can also use it as a hair mask – so it’s really a dual-purposed product! || regularly $36 || SHOP IT HERE

    #9 Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo for Dry Hair || This is the shampoo I use in conjunction with the above conditioner, and it’s done wonders for my dry, brittle, and color-treated hair. I love, love, love it! Shampoos and conditioners are great things to buy during the sale if you typically purchase them from Sephora! || regularly $31 || SHOP IT HERE

    #10 Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask || Ahhh, I may have saved the best for last. I’ve always suffered from dry lips, and this lip mask is pure magic. It comes in 4 different scents, and it really does help with adding moisture and long-lasting hydration to the lips! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this if you haven’t tried it before! || regularly $20 || SHOP IT HERE

    BONUS BUY: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer || Okay, I couldn’t finish this post without including this! It’s DANG expensive, but if you’ve been eyeing it forever like I have then the sale is the PERFECT time to grab it at a major discount! || regularly $399 || SHOP IT HERE

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    This weekโ€™s giveaway is one of my favorites Iโ€™ve ever done! Iโ€™m gifting one of you YOUR CHOICE of 3 of my ALL-TIME favorite products from Sephora. Check out my Instagram story highlights HERE for all the details!


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