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If you know Kendall and me, then you know we love to travel. It’s something we promised each other to continue doing when we got married, and boy have we stuck to it! I honestly don’t think there’s ever a time when we’re NOT planning our next trip. We love exploring new cities and spending time in the ones we’re more acquainted with, too. With that said, there’s nothing more stressful to me than the preparation of packing for a trip. It’s inevitable that the night before a vacay, you’ll find me awake until 2 AM making sure all is in order and that I haven’t missed anything on my list. These items are a compilation of my packing essentials that I bring with me everywhere, no matter the destination!

  1. Travel Makeup Organizer – Okay, this is an absolute game changer for the beauty lover, and it’s especially essential for the girl who wants to have options in their makeup routine. I own two of these – one in a larger size and one in a smaller size. The smaller size is super helpful for air travel (less weight in your suitcase), while the larger size is great for special events and local trips. If you spend time fumbling through your makeup bag and never being able to find anything, YOU NEED THIS. It even allows you to customize the compartments so that you can have a space for all of your makeup. It’s a MUST for me.
  2. Calpak Packing Cubes – I can’t believe this is in my essentials list, because this time last year I was hating HARD on these “useless” things. After hearing so many girls rave about them, I finally caved when Nordstrom was having a sale and HOLY COW I WAS SO WRONG. These are life changing. They really do help conserve space in your luggage all while organizing your clothes and shoes into separate categories. Amazon also has super inexpensive versions, so grab a set there to see how you like them!
  3. Impressions Vanity Makeup Mirror – Have you ever been to a hotel or AirBnb with only one small mirror in the bathroom and yellow-tinted lighting? Call me crazy, but I cannot successfully get ready without natural light. I bring this mirror with me every time I travel so that I can set up shop in front of a window to get ready. I also use this at home when I’m not traveling, so it’s useful year round! This one is currently on sale for $14.99 plus free shipping! RUN and get it.
  4. Packing List – I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten something SO essential when I’ve gone on trips. This list helps me stay organized and ensure that I remember the necessities and the small things, too!
  5. Toiletry Organizer – Alright, I get low key embarrassed every time I whip this out and unzip it in front of people. It ain’t small, y’all. But it holds EVERYTHING. I put tooth care items in the top, all my skincare in the second compartment, all my body/shower items in the third, and all my hair care in the bottom. It’s so nice to put everything toiletry related into one bag. Once you zip it up, I promise it’s really not that big!
  6. Headphones – Kendall and I do NOT have the same taste in travel audio. I like watching YouTube videos and Kendall likes listening to podcasts. Because of this, we’re usually both wearing headphones during flights or car trips. These are my current headphones, but even the ones that come with your phone are better than nothing!
  7. Jewelry Travel Organizer – Is there anything worse than getting ready for an event and pulling your jewelry out only to find it all tangled up in itself with knots in your necklaces? (the answer is yes, there are worse things in life… but in the moment it always sucks). I use this organizer as I’m planning my outfits for each trip, and it’s been SO helpful to have a place for all of my jewelry instead of throwing it in ziploc bags.
  8. Handheld Fan – You could probably label this one as “over the top”. But y’all, this is gold. For all you beauty lovers, you need this. I use it every day at home, and I can’t travel without it! I use it to dry my skincare before applying my next layer, and I also use it to dry my primer spray and setting spray when doing my makeup. It’s also great when you’re in a time crunch and need your lash glue to dry a little quicker. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Portable Charger – My phone seems to die MUCH quicker when I travel. I also find myself in situations where I am out and about on vacations and my phone is dying or dead. A portable charger is so nice to have for a quick charge when you don’t have an outlet nearby. The hardest thing to remember is to charge the charger before your trips!

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