My Sephora VIB Spring 2020 Sale Wishlist

I promise this is my last Sephora Sale blog post for the season! I’ve now shared My Top Makeup Recommendations + My Top Non-Makeup Recommendations, and I’m here today to share My Personal Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist. I haven’t made any purchases yet, and I definitely won’t be buying every item I’m mentioning. But these are the products currently on my wish list either because I own them and I’m running low OR because they’re items I’ve recently had my eye on to test out! I’ll be sharing my final purchase details over on my Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me on there! *As always, a disclaimer – I never want what I share to make you feel like you need to buy anything. I just wanted to share this list for any of you curious about what I might be purchasing during the sale!

  • VIB Rouge: 20% off || April 17th – May 1st
  • VIB: 15% off || April 21st – April 29th
  • Beauty Insider: 10% off || April 23rd – April 27th

  • What’S on my wishlist?

    Tan Luxe THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops || I almost typed “I CAN’T live without this product”… and then I realized how dramatic that sounds. So instead – I don’t WANT to live without this product. I only have a few applications worth left, and I use this twice a week! I know I’ll be running out soon, so I want to have a back-up on hand for when that day comes. This is the best facial self-tanner I have EVER used, y’all! || regularly $49 || SHOP IT HERE

    Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder || This is another product I’m running SUPER low on. I’ve tried countless loose setting powders, and this one is by far my favorite (especially for setting the undereye)! It has more of a luminous finish, and it doesn’t make your skin look dry or crepey. It’s pretty pricey, so I’m happy I can justify grabbing a back-up at a discounted price! || regularly $46 || SHOP IT HERE

    Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Sculpting Concealer || I’ve mentioned how much I love this concealer, and I own it in two shades. The shade I use most of the time is “Almond”, and I’m scraping the tube for the last bit of product. Definitely adding this one to my cart! || regularly $29 || SHOP IT HERE

    Farsali Rose Gold 24K Skin Mist || Doesn’t it feel like you always run out of all your makeup/skincare products at once? I have a few squirts of this skin mist left, and I’ve tried enough setting sprays to know that this one is THE “it” product for that perfect dew I’m looking for! || regularly $39 || SHOP IT HERE

    Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer || The last thing I’m running low on is my trusty primer that I use to fill in my smile lines. I apply it after I moisturize and before I apply my foundation. If I don’t use this, my foundation settles into those lines and gets cakey and creasey (NO BUENO). This is my magic product for making sure the area around my mouth stays smooth all day long! || regularly $39 || SHOP IT HERE

    New Products

    Benefit Cookie Highlighter || I get the majority of my makeup recommendations from other beauty bloggers and influencers. Emily Ann Gemma (@emilyanngemma) tries out new makeup ALL the time, and she’s been recommending this Benefit highlighter to anyone looking for that MEGA glow! I have plenty of highlighters so I’m not sure if I’ll grab it during this sale, but it’s definitely on my wishlist for when I’m wanting to try something new! || regularly $30 || SHOP IT HERE

    Perricone MD No Makeup Foundation Serum with SPF || This is another product recommended by a blogger/influencer I love – Courtney Shields (@courtney_shields). My favorite products to test out are foundations, and this particular one has a serum consistency and lightweight formula. It looks STUNNING on her, and I think I’d love it for my everyday makeup looks. It’s currently in my cart, so I’ll let you know my thoughts once I test it out! || regularly $60 || SHOP IT HERE

    Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer || Okay this is another Courtney Shields recommendation. It’s a new concealer on the market, and I’ve heard pretty great things about it all around the beauty community. HOWEVER – I have a TON of concealers, and since I’m already repurchasing the Too Faced one I mentioned above, I’ll probably just keep this on my wishlist for a future purchase. But let me just say it looked STUNNING on her! || regularly $34 || SHOP IT HERE

    Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer || I. Am. Dying. for this dryer. I wish I had $300+ to spend on it right now, but it’s just not in the budget! If I didn’t have so many products I’m running low on and wanting to repurchase, I’d definitely be grabbing this though! Maybe next sale. 😉 || regularly $399 || SHOP IT HERE

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    I’m doing another weekly giveaway gifting one of you YOUR CHOICE of 3 of my ALL-TIME favorite products from Sephora. Check out my Instagram story highlights HERE for all the details!

    If you’ve tried any of these products, let me know your review in a comment below! Happy Shopping, babes!

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