2021 Best of the Best: MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES

21 Products I’ve Bought and Loved in 2021

The days are long but the years are short, and that rings SO TRUE for 2021. We’re officially halfway through the year (insane, right?), and while I feel like 6 months went by in the blink of an eye, I also feel like SO much has happened in that short amount of time…

  • In early January, we shared that we are BUILDING A HOME! We broke ground on our lot in March, and we’re now a couple months away from move-in day!
  • In February, we shared our journey through infertility that led us to EXPECTING BABY SNYDER. In March, we found out she is a GIRL. And we’re now in Week 34 of this pregnancy with her. The countdown is ON!
  • In March, we made the move to our little apartment in Asheville, NC. I can’t believe we’ve been here for almost 4 months already!
  • We’ve traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Knoxville, West Palm Beach, Charleston, and 30A. We celebrated two weddings. We had our (BEAUTIFUL) baby shower and went on our staycation baby moon in May. We celebrated friends having babies. We’ve spent time with family. The list goes on and on…

I took some time over the past week to reflect on all the things I’ve loved about 2021 thus far (the good and the bad, the tangible and the intangible). And instead of just rounding up my yearly favorites to share in December, I thought it would be fun to round them up now and share MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES with you. Then we can compare and contrast to see what remains a tried-and-true item in my life at the end of the year! So here we go – you can check out the Top 21 Products I’ve Bought and LOVED so far this year (in no particular order) below. And be sure to tune into my IG stories today to hear my top 10 from this list!

2021 Best of the Best: MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES

1. Vanity Planet Elements Toothbrush

Gifted by Vanity Planet on: March 1, 2021

I never knew I “needed” an electric toothbrush until I had one. Dental hygiene is SO important to me, but I kind of assumed these were gimmicky and just a boujie form of a regular toothbrush. I WAS WRONG! I can tell a HUGE difference in the way my mouth feels when I use this vs. my standard toothbrush, and the timers help ensure I’m actually brushing my teeth for 2 full minutes. HIGHLY recommend!

2. Essence Lash Princess Mascara

Originally purchased on: January 25, 2021

I don’t know if anyone could ever talk me out of the fact that drugstore mascaras are just as good (if not better) than high-end mascaras, and THIS ONE IS MAGIC! It’s $5 (yes, you read that right), and it thickens my lashes better than any mascara I’ve ever tried. I layer it over top of this one, and it’s the perfect combo that gives a ton of length and volume to your lashes!

3. Half Gallon Water Bottle w/ Straw

Originally purchased on: March 11, 2021

I rarely find myself insanely thirsty, and drinking too much water has always made me feel uncomfortably full. But let’s be real – it’s a necessity, and the benefits of drinking water are countless. I love that this water bottle is a full half gallon, it has time markers to motivate yourself throughout the day, AND it has a straw (a MUST for me)! I drink 5x more water now than I did before having this, and I bring it with me everywhere I go!

2021 Best of the Best: MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES

4. Erin Condren Notebooks

Originally purchased on: March 16, 2021

I’m a stationery, notebook, pen, planner, organizational lover through and through, and I want what I use to be cute and cohesive. I’ve LOVED using these Erin Condren notebooks over the past few months. You can customize them to fit your aesthetic, and you can also pick what type of paper is inside (lined, blank, graph, etc.). I use mine to take notes, plan out projects, and to just doodle!

5. Audible App

Started listening on: June 3, 2021

I just got hooked on the Audible app within the last month, and I think I have Kendall hooked too! I’ve always been the type to think “I like to tangibly hold a book in my hand when I read it.” But truth is, I rarely find myself with any spare amount of time and think “I’m gonna whip out a book.” I took a shot in the dark during a trip to Nashville last month and downloaded the Audible app, and there’s been no turning back since! I listen on short and long car trips + during the work day as background noise. It’s forced me to “read” more books lately than I have in YEARS!

6. Meat Chopping Tool

Originally purchased on: April 12, 2021

We make SO MUCH ground meat (chicken, turkey, beef) that this tool has been a lifesaver for us over the past couple months. It finely chops up your meat with little to no effort. I bought one for my mom, and she’s been loving it too!

7. Tropical Sugar-Free Popsicles

Fell In Love With In: May 2021

Pregnancy craving #1 was watermelon. Pregnancy craving #2 has been these sugar-free popsicles. THEY’RE ADDICTING, Y’ALL! They’re only 15 calories each, so naturally I’ve been eating 3 per day. And if you get them, you HAVE to get the “Tropicals” box. It’s so much better than the original flavors!

2021 Best of the Best: MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES

8. Laptop Foldable Tray

Originally purchased on: March 26, 2021

This is an item I use every. single. day. without fail. I’m actually typing this blog post on it as we speak! If you don’t have a work desk at home and/or find yourself working from the couch or bed like me, you NEED this. I can also tell a huge difference in how much it’s helped my posture and ergonomics. Love this thing!

9. Lululemon 6″ Bike Shorts

Originally purchased on: May 29, 2021

Give me these in every color, please! At $58, these bike shorts are definitely an investment piece – but I promise they’re worth EVERY penny. I struggled finding any shorts/pants that fit my growing tummy for 7 whole months before finding these from Lululemon. I’ve had them for 30-ish days, and I’ve probably worn them 28 out of those 30. They’re beyond comfortable, perfect for workouts or lounging, and they come in so many colors!

10. Sams Club Blanket

Originally purchased on: March 24, 2021

I’ve never felt anything closer to a Barefoot Dreams dupe until I got this blanket. Don’t get me wrong – I love my BD blankets! We even have a mini BD blanket for baby girl that we got at our baby shower. BUT the price of these Sams Club ones just can’t be beat! They’re the same size as the BD ones (HUGE), they’re so soft and stretchy, but they’re just a fraction of the price. I’ll be purchasing one for every room in our new house – they’re that good!

11. Love Language Minute Devotional

Originally purchased on: March 26, 2021

Kendall and I have grown in our faith tremendously over the past couple of years – but we still struggle to find things that we can intentionally incorporate in our every day lives that strengthens our bond in Christ TOGETHER. This devotional was recommended to me awhile back, and I am SO GLAD I ordered it. We read this together every single night in bed and then discuss our thoughts on the topic. It takes around 5 minutes, and I can already see the positive impact it’s had on our marriage in the 3 short months we’ve been reading it!

12. Facial Ice Roller

Originally purchased on: May 16, 2021

This. Is. MAGIC. I’ve always been the type to swell and retain water in my face when I overeat, drink ANY amount of alcohol, or when I don’t get enough sleep. I ordered this 6 or so weeks ago, and it’s been a total game changer in my AM routine! I keep it in the freezer to use each morning, and it truly does de-puff my face/eyes, wakes me up, and revitalizes my skin.

2021 Best of the Best: MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES

13. Gimme Beauty Hair Brush

Gifted by Gimme Beauty on: April 9, 2021

I was a Wet Brush lover for the past few years, but I decided to give the Gimme Beauty brush a shot when they launched it earlier this year. My one complaint with the Wet Brush was that it would “dull-down” within a month or so of using it. The GB one I have (for thick hair) still feels brand new, and the bristles detangle my hair while keeping it smooth and frizz-free. I actually thought I lost it in Nashville last month and was in the process of expediting a new one to my house when Kendall found it in the back of my car!

14. Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Capsules

Originally purchased on: March 26, 2021

This is TMI, so please keep scrolling if you don’t like hearing about bowel inconsistencies. But I’ve always struggled with staying regular and feeling like my body is cleansing the toxins in a natural way. I saw @FitWithASD share these pills for many months before deciding to take the plunge, and they’ve truly been a lifesaver for me (not just being dramatic either!). They’re all-natural, pregnancy-safe, and I take one every other night (except on vacation I took one every night!). I could not recommend these more to anyone who is looking to increase regularity and/or relieve discomfort.

15. Elemis Cleansing Balm

Originally purchased on: January 21, 2021

Before purchasing this cleansing balm, I used micellar water and cotton pads. But as soon as I tried this to remove my makeup, there’s been no turning back! I can tell a HUGE difference in my skin’s texture and overall glow since I started using it. It’s step one in my double cleanse, so I apply the balm to break down and remove all my face/eye makeup. It doesn’t burn your eyes, and it leaves very little debris behind!

16. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Originally purchased on: January 11, 2021

I was super skeptical about this dry shampoo because 1) the price and 2) how many other influencers raved about it. I’ve always been a Batiste girl, and I didn’t think I could justify spending this kind of money ($26) on a dry shampoo. But goodness was I wrong. I went from washing my hair once every 2-3 days to once every 6-7 days with this stuff. It smells amazing, and it truly makes your scalp/hair feel fresh and clean between washes. My saving grace!

17. Cowboy Magic Hair Detangler

Originally purchased on: March 26, 2021

This detangler is actually made for dogs/horses, but I figured I’d give it a shot on my own hair! I have tape-in extensions, so I like to make sure I preserve them in the best way possible. A little of this goes a LONG way, and it leaves my hair feeling tangle-free and super smooth. It’s only $10 too (2-3x less expensive than the UNITE one I used before)!

18. Felt/Velvet Clothes Hangers

Originally purchased on: March 14, 2021

These hangers aren’t a fun purchase to make, but if you’re semi-OCD like me then you’ll enjoy what they can do to your closet(s). Prior to making the switch, I always purchased the plastic Target hangers. While those work great, they’re pretty bulky and take up quite a bit of unnecessary space in your closet. I knew when we moved to Asheville I wanted to elevate the look of our hangers, and I also knew our apartment closets didn’t have much space to work with. I bet I maximized my closet by 25% just by switching to this material, and it also looks so cohesive and high-dollar!

2021 Best of the Best: MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES

19. ‘MAMA’ Pendant Necklace

Gifted by my SIL on: March 20, 2021

My sister-in-law gifted this to me at our gender reveal in May, and I love it SO MUCH! I’ve seen the MAMA necklaces with the studs in each letter, but I like this gold-plated one better because you can wear it with casual outfits too. It’s the best reminder of the journey I’m about to embark on, and I think it’s the perfect gift to give a friend or family member during her pregnancy too!

2021 Best of the Best: MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES

20. Noodles and Boo Detergent

Originally purchased on: May 27, 2021

I wasn’t going to include this since I purchased it so recently, but good heavens I can’t stop using it. I was planning on just cleaning our baby clothes with it, but I got carried away recently and used it on all our blankets, sheets, clothes, and towels. I want my entire house to smell like this detergent – it is AMAZING (and has an ultra-safe formula)!

2021 Best of the Best: MY HALF-YEARLY FAVORITES

21. Riki Tall Vanity Mirror

Originally purchased on: April 3, 2021

This is my most expensive purchase of 2021 thus far, but gosh do I love it! This vanity mirror is sleek, doesn’t take up too much space, and the lighting on it is PERFECTION! I have a knee-space vanity in our owners’ bathroom at the new house, and I can’t wait to set it up there!

Leave a comment below with your #1 FAVORITE item you’ve purchased or received this year, and don’t forget to check my IG stories to see which of these 21 items made it into my TOP 10 list! You can also click HERE to see last year’s post of 10 items I love under $10!

xoxo, Katie

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