Gifts for the Guys: Dads/Father-In-Laws

12 DAYS OF GIFT GUIDES DAY 4! Today’s gift guide is for the ones that are (without a doubt) the hardest to shop for. Dads and father-in-laws either buy themselves what they want or they are simpletons who find zero joy in “things”. Because of this, I always choose gifts that are as useful and practical as possible for my dad and FIL – things they might not know exist! Check out my Gifts for the Guys: Dads/Father-In-Laws guide below to see some of the items that my dad has / recommends + items I have on my list to buy for him!

I feel like we either all have a dad or know a dad that loves his car! My dad is definitely one of those people, but he particularly likes a CLEAN car. This handheld vacuum cleaner is a great gift to give the dad or father-in-law who has a grandchild or two that may dirty up his backseat.

The set of 2 grill prep trays is the perfect gift for the grill-master dad! My family loves grilling out, but my dad is always using Pyrex dishes or pans to prep the meat and veggies we grill, then he asks for a plate to put the cooked meat on. These trays are only $30 and a great tool since their design helps prevent cross-contamination between uncooked and cooked food.

I recently got my dad a Roku for our family room TV, and it’s been THE BEST $25 spent. He can use it to livestream my little brothers’ basketball games, but we’ve also been using it to watch movies, play holiday music, and watch YouTube videos. This would be a great gift to pair with a Netflix subscription if your dad/FIL doesn’t have one already!

This WeatherTech CupFone is the gift my dad recommended I put on this gift guide. This is compatible with any car cupholder thanks to the interchangeable base. Perfect for the dad who’s always on the go!

The last thing I included on this guide is the cult-favorite back massager. I got my parents this gift last Christmas, and it’s a family-favorite now. A great gift for an active dad, a golfer, or a dad who likes to relax after a long week!


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xoxo and happy holiday shopping!

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