Best of 2019: What I Bought and Love


What. A. YEAR in the shopping community. Am I right?! I felt like every week new items would pop up as the proclaimed “MUST HAVE” product. I realized quickly that I could not (and shouldn’t try) to keep up! It’s so easy to get sucked in and want to buy every item your favorite bloggers put their stamp of approval on. I had to teach myself to pump the brakes and try to only buy the things I could see myself loving for longer than a season! BUT, with that said, I did my fair share of purchasing new beauty, fashion, fitness, and skincare products in 2019. Some of those items were immediate returns, while others became my standout and most loved purchases of the entire year. So today I’m sharing with y’all the items I loved and used most in 2019. And I know I’ll be holding onto these as top favorites for the years to come. We’ve got 13 items – so let’s not waste any time and jump right in! As a reminder, you can shop these items directly through this post or through the photo on my LTK account! - My Favorite Leggings


I held out as long as I absolutely could on these. I heard everyone and their mother rave about them, but I forced myself into thinking it had to be a hoax! Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. These are the PERFECT legging that you can dress up or down. Comfy. Figure Flattering. What more could we ask for?!

Size Reference: Small - My Favorite Cleanser


2019 was the year I chose to invest in my skin. I learned that you can have the best of the best makeup products but they still won’t look good if you don’t take care of your skin – and that starts with CLEANING it! This medical grade cleanser works WONDERS for me. It’s a gentle but effective formula, so it takes off all of my makeup (eyes included) without irritating my skin. I’ve tried so many cleansers, but I truly haven’t found one that compares to this! Holy grail status!


This product is not new in the beauty community, and to be honest I had zero interest in purchasing it until Jaclyn Hill mentioned it in one of her YouTube videos last year. Since I have the driest of dry skin, I decided to listen to her advice and BOY AM I GLAD I DID. On my more “glam” makeup days, I apply ~2-3 drops underneath my foundation, and it gives the most dewy (but natural) finish to my skin. You can also mix it into your thicker foundation formulas, so it’s super versatile! I love this product, and since I use so little I know that it’ll last me forever!


Alright, I know, another cult favorite. Let me start by saying that prior to last year, I was an AEO ONLY girl in the denim department. Splurging on denim just wasn’t something I was interested in. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized it’s slim pickin’s for us young adults. You basically have a choice between your rear-end hanging out or bermuda shorts. There is no in between… UNTIL I FOUND THESE. These shorts are my new go-to. They cover my bum but still make me feel like the cool 26 year old that I am (lol). Worth the splurge? Totally.

Size Reference: 24 (but I should have gotten a 25!)


I don’t mean to be dramatic, but this might be my saving grace product of 2019. (For the first time in my life) I made a big effort last year to keep my face out of the sun. But YIKES – I didn’t realize how un-confident I felt with a pale face. So I decided to give these a shot and there has been NO turning back. I mix 4-5 drops into my moisturizer twice a week, and it gives my skin the most natural, bronzey glow when I wake up the next morning! Liquid gold, I tell you! It’s not orange at all, just be sure to wash your hands after you apply them because they’ll stain your hands!

Shade Reference: Medium-Dark


I love a good strip lash on a GNO or date night, and I’ve tried so many lash glues – House of Lashes, Duo, Ardell – the list goes on. But one of my girlfriends was raving about this one at a bachelorette party, and it’s only $9 so I figured why not give it a try!? I’m so glad I did. It’s strong enough to keep your lashes on all night long without leaving TOO MUCH residue behind when you remove them. The perfect compromise!


I still giggle to myself when I realize that I, as a 26 year old woman, am obsessed with jeans from Abercrombie. Who else begged their parents for Abercrombie jeans in middle and high school?! I know I did. Good news for us is that they’ve removed their old emblem from the rear pockets. So they truly look (and feel) just like designer jeans! My favorite line they carry is the High Rise Super Skinny. They’re so form fitting, but they’re also incredibly stretchy! (How is that even possible?)

Size Reference: 26/2R (TTS)


Shoes are personal, I get it. Some girls love Brooks, some love Nike, some love Adidas, etc. But if you’re on the hunt for a great pair of both weight training AND cardio shoes, look no further! These are my gym must-haves. I have three pairs, no shame at all. They are definitely pricey at $180, but they run sales pretty often. I’ll be on the lookout to let you all know when they’re discounted!

Size Reference: 7 (size down 1/2 size)


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Eye drops? Really, Katie? How random is that? But let me stop you there. 2019 was the year of bloodshot eyes for me. Mine got so bad that I even had blood drawn and went to the eye doctor to try and figure out what was wrong. Turns out, all is fine. Which is great and all… except I still had red eyes. Then I heard about these Lumify whitening eye drops from a blogger I follow. They’re over-the-counter, FDA approved, and WAY better than other brands because they don’t give you the “rebound redness” after they wear off. I probably use these 4-5 times a week, and I couldn’t love them more!


Another big hit of 2019? Body Bronzing. Did anyone else see the viral photo of Becca Tilley and Jojo Fletcher where their legs looked like glowing/flawless goddesses? Well – they were using this product by Vita Liberata. This is a thicker lotion consistency that gives color to your skin and blurs out any imperfections. Because of the thicker formula, I like mixing it with a thinner moisturizer before applying it to my skin. But here’s the catch: 1) you HAVE to wash your hands after application and 2) you HAVE to let it dry completely or it will transfer. Again, this is not an every day product, but I love having it for events like rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, and date nights.

Shade Reference: Latte


My favorite way to motivate myself to get in the gym is buying new workout clothes. I’ve been a LuluLemon fanatic for a few years now, but 2019 was the year of Gymshark for me! I tried several of their different lines of leggings, but the Camo Seamless line is BY FAR my absolute favorite legging of all time. The material is so soft but still compressive, and they’re high-waisted too! They come in 5 colors, and they’re $30-40 less than LuluLemon, so that’s always a plus.

Size Reference: Small


Alright my beauty lovers. I talked about this item in my Favorite Nude Lips post. So to keep from being redundant, just know that this is such a beautiful light nude and the formula is hydrating yet long-lasting! I’ve even thought of buying a backup so that I can keep one in my purse and one at my vanity. It’s THAT good and pairs well with all of my lip liners. A true beaut!


ALRIGHT, GALS. We made it. My final hit product from 2019. I bought these Sam Edelman booties in the fall when I was on the hunt for a fun white ankle boot. But boy have I already gotten my wear out of them! From weddings to football tailgates, these have been my #1 worn shoe lately. I can’t wait to start pairing them with spring outfits, too! This print is the Ivory Croc, but they have so many different prints to choose from. I love these so much – especially the pointed toe!

Size Reference: 7.5 (TTS)

Alright, I know that was a lot of products and information. I tried narrowing it down, but these are truly the items I have been loving for the past year and the ones I’m continuing to love in 2020! I hope that if you try any of my favorites, they do you just as right as they’ve done me. I’d love for you to comment below YOUR favorite product from 2019! What else should I try!?

xoxo, Katie

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