Amazon Must Haves – Spring 2020

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AA should stand for Amazonics Anonymous“Hi, my name is Katie and I’m addicted to Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Prime Pantry…” And by addicted I mean I’ve placed five orders within the past WEEK. Yup – FIVE. Kendall and I truly use Amazon for everything – from paper products to laundry detergent to snacks to organizational items to clothes to home decor to travel accessories to electronics to… the list goes on! SO for today’s post I rounded up my current Amazon favorites! ALL items are Prime eligible! I also plan on doing one of these posts once every couple of months, so stay tuned for my future favorite finds!

#1 TRAVEL CORD ORGANIZER || Travelling is so much more enjoyable when I’m organized. This case is compact and lightweight, and I use it to store my phone charger, watch charger, and portable charger. So much better than having all your cords floating around your suitcase! || $9.99

#2 BEAUTY SPONGES || I used the BeautyBlender brand for so many years – but $20 for one sponge? No thank you! I gave these cult-favorite sponges a try, and YOU GUYS – these are incredible. You get FIVE sponges for UNDER $10. I keep one at my vanity, one in my gym bag, one in my purse, and then I still have two as back-ups… best purchase EVER! || $8.99

#3 TRAVEL JEWELRY ORGANIZER || As you can probably tell, I love being organized – ESPECIALLY when I travel. There is nothing more irritating to me than pulling out a necklace that has 4 miniature knots in it. This jewelry case has been such an organizational lifesaver not only when I’m planning my outfits for a trip but also for when I’m getting ready at my destination! It truly has a place for everything. || $21.99

#4 ADJUSTABLE DRAWER DIVIDERS || If you’re tired of having messy or overcrowded drawers – GET THESE! I use mine all over our house, but I especially love them in my workout leggings drawer of our dresser. They’ve helped create SO much space for my ever-growing legging collection. || $28.99 (set of 6)

#5 FACIAL STEAMER || I mentioned this in my PM Skincare Routine post, but this facial steamer is a DREAM for an at-home spa night! Facial steaming is great for purifying the skin, removing toxins, and opening your pores to prep for the rest of your skincare products. When I use this I wake up the next morning with the most hydrated and plump skin! || $28.99

#6 HANGING TOILETRY BAG || The mother lode of all toiletry bags. In years past, I would put all of my items in separate 4 different carrying cases. But this bag holds EVERYTHING including tooth-care, skincare, hair care, and body care. It has 4 compartments to keep you organized, and once it’s zipped up it truly is so compact. Plus, it’s waterproof and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! || $29.97

#7 HANDHELD FAN || This is so boujee of me to admit, but I can’t apply makeup without this. I use it during my entire application process – to dry my moisturizer before applying primers, to dry my primers before applying foundation, to dry my lash glue before applying lashes, AND to dry my setting spray so mascara doesn’t transfer! I actually just ordered another to keep in my bathroom to use between my skincare steps! || $12.99

#8 PEARL GUCCI DUPE EARRINGS || My girl Katie Keever (@katiekeever) sent me the link to order these Gucci dupe earrings, and now I can’t stop wearing them! They’re so classy and cute, lightweight, and you can’t beat a dupe for under $20! || $19.99

#9 KEYCHAIN BRACELET || The perfect mix between stylish and functional! It’s great for those of us who tend to lose our keys (me!), and I especially love it for when I’m trying to carry 8 grocery bags from the store to my car. Such a great inexpensive gift for friends/family, too! || $9.99

#10 FIT CRUNCH PROTEIN BARS || Mine and Kendall’s FAVORITE protein bar of all time. This is the snack-size version, so we use them to supplement a meal, as a snack, or as a dessert warmed up in the microwave! Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter are our favorite flavors, and the macros are great too – 190 calories, 16 grams of protein, 14 grams of carbs, and 8 grams of fat – so yummy! || $19.99

#11 CELSIUS DRINKS || This drink is sent straight down from heaven, y’all. A little over a year ago Kendall and I were visiting his parents, and they introduced us to these caffeinated energy drinks and we’ve been addicted ever since! We’ve even gotten tons of our friends and family loving them too! 200 mg of caffeine, zero sugars, zero preservatives, no artificial flavors, and they help boost your metabolism. I don’t know what sorcery they contain, but when I drink it I somehow get motivated to do every chore known to man. The Sparkling Orange flavor is our number 1, always! || $20.04 (pack of 12)

#12 TACO RACK || We LOVE taco night in the Snyder household, and these racks are an absolute necessity for anyone who makes tacos at home! Each one holds 2 tacos, and they’re super easy to clean! || $11.75 (set of 2)

#13 TRAVEL MAKEUP CASE || I mentioned this in my Travel Essentials post, and it may just be my favorite Amazon purchase of all time. There’s a place for everything – including your makeup brushes and palettes – and it has adjustable compartments so you can customize the case to your preference. It’s a great size, but if you’re looking for a bigger option, check THIS ONE out. I own and love both for different occasions! || $18.99

#14 COFFEE TABLE BOOKS || Coffee table books are the perfect decor item in my opinion, but it’s insane how expensive they can get! I have them all over our home, so I linked some of my favorite inexpensive options that I bought from Amazon: HOME BODY, THE HOME EDIT, THE YEAR OF COZY, and LIVING WITH PATTERN. || Ranges from $13.99 to $22.99

As you can tell, I. Love. Amazon. comment below with YOUR favorite Amazon Purchase! What Do I need?!
xoxo, Katie

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