My Morning Skincare Routine

Is “Medical-Grade” skincare Really worth it?

25 was the turning point for me. My skin went from normal to dry, and the signs of aging were really starting to kick in. So, in typical Katie fashion, I did my research and found Brianna Stanko’s YouTube channel – she’s the owner of PremierLook, a 100% authentic medical-grade skincare distributor. Through her videos, I learned that most skincare products from Sephora have horrible ingredients for your skin. Medical-grade skincare, on the other hand, contains active ingredients that penetrate the deep layers of our skin. It’s FDA regulated, and it truly yields long-lasting results. The improvement I saw in my skin when I made the switch was SO worth the investment!

Why not just get better makeup?

If you gave me $100 and I was forced to spend it on makeup and skincare, I’d spend $75 on skincare and $25 on makeup. Take an artist, for example – he can have the best paint and brushes, but the quality of the work is totally reliant on his canvas. Over the years, I’ve realized that no matter how great my makeup products are, it’s my SKIN that makes the difference. The more I’ve invested in high-quality skincare, the less I’ve had to spend on high-quality makeup. So today I wanted to kick off my skincare series and share my AM Skincare Routine. These are the products I use and the order of application most beneficial for my skin! Be sure to stay tuned for Friday’s post – I’ll be sharing my similar (but different!) nighttime routine!

The Products
1. CLEANSER // iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

The first thing I do when I wake up is wash my face! And y’all – this is THE Best. Cleanser. Of. All. Time. This product was on my Best of 2019 post, and by the hundreds of 5-STAR reviews I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who loves it! It removes my makeup and fights off any acne/blemishes. It’s ideal for all skin-types and probably the most gentle yet effective cleanser I’ve ever used! Highly recommend!

Price: $44 ($37.40 with email sign-up coupon)

On the mornings I feel extra puffy, I’ll use my Rose Quartz Facial Roller straight out of my skincare refrigerator. The coolness helps with puffiness, and the roller helps bring oxygenated blood to your face. It’s such a nice “wake-me-up” for the mornings!

2. TONER // Epionce Balancing Toner

Adding a toner into your skincare regimen is a game changer. It helps remove any excess dirt/oils, and it also balances out the pH levels to control acne. After washing my face I always spray this toner all over and gently wipe it off with one of my Shiseido Cotton Pads. It’s amazing how much grime I remove just from a night of sleep! This toner claims to clarify, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin. I love this stuff – however, I also love THIS ONE if you’re on the drier side like me! SO hydrating!

Price: $30 ($25.50 with email sign-up coupon)

3. VITAMIN C // SkinMedica Vitamin C + E Complex

This step is VITAL to my skincare routine. Vitamin C is applied in the mornings and acts as an antioxidant – so in Layman’s terms – it prevents your skin from losing collagen as quickly and it helps repair damaged skin cells. This product will REALLY help with anti-aging. While I do love this SkinMedica Vitamin C, I think I’ll end up going back to the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. It’s more expensive, but the price is beyond worth it. Over 1,600 5-STAR reviews. Need I say more?

SkinMedica Price: $102 (ON SALE NOW – $86.70)

SkinCeuticals Price: $166 (use code SKINC2020 for 15% off – $141.10)

4. HYALURONIC ACID // The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is something I apply day and night. It helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, and it creates a plumping effect by retaining moisture to the skin. Since I apply it two times a day, I knew I couldn’t afford to use a higher-ended option for both AM and PM. After reading some reviews, I decided to buy this one and I have LOVED it. I mean, HOW can you beat this price tag?!

Price: $6.80 (yup, you read that right!)

5. MOISTURIZER // Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion

Whether you’re dry or oily, applying a moisturizer in the mornings is KEY. If you’re dry, this moisturizer is extremely hydrating and will help bring life back into your skin. And if you’re oily, they have a Renewal Lite Facial Lotion that won’t overly hydrate your skin, but it will help balance you out!

Price: $98 ($83.30 with email sign-up coupon)

6. EYE CREAM // NIA 24 Eye Repair Complex

The skin under our eyes is SO delicate and thin. Applying eye cream is a step I never skip, and this option is GREAT (especially for the price!). It’s full of peptides, and it hydrates, de-puffs, and brightens the under-eye. I always apply it with my ring finger for the least amount of pressure!

Price: $71 (ON SALE NOW – $56.80)

7. LIP BALM // Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

You may or may not be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this lip mask – SO many people rave about it! I hate having dry lips, so I use this mask as a daily lip balm. It deeply hydrates without leaving your lips feeling sticky. Again, this product has over 6,500 5-STAR reviews. It speaks for itself!

Price: $20

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Ta-Da! Tune in on Friday if you want to see which products remain and which change for my Nighttime Skincare Routine!
xoxo, Katie

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