5 Ways to Get Organized This Spring

The Container Store is my Happy Place

Spring is HERE (kind of), and as soon as spring hits the first thing I want to do is clean and organize our home. I am SO type A, and nothing brings me more joy than throwing things away (I know, major weirdo over here). I’m a lover of all things color-coded and neatly stacked, and I’m a firm believer in “A place for everything and everything in its place.” A clean home is one thing, but there’s nothing better than organized spaces that typically go unseen like drawers and cabinets. So today I’m sharing 5 ways to get organized this spring! You’ll see some of my favorite spaces I’ve organized this past year as well as all my favorite organizing products. All the items I used are linked below each photo!

1. Spice Cabinet
5 Ways to Get Organized This Spring - www.katiehsnyder.com

I shared my spice cabinet in my Instagram stories this past week, and so many of you loved the idea and inspired today’s post! I love how uniform it looks for all of my spices to be in the same container with the same labels. It makes me kind of excited to use my spices when we cook each night. These stickers can also be customized exactly the way you want them. Highly recommend this for a weekend project!

2. Pantry Organization
5 Ways to Get Organized This Spring - www.katiehsnyder.com

This is totally unnecessary, but I personally hate having 20 cardboard boxes of snacks and cereals in the pantry. I like to be able to see how much of each item is left, and I love the uniform look it gives to our pantry! I love the OXO brand of containers, and I’ve linked several options below! That’s what we use to store all of our baking supplies too!

3. Clothing Rack
5 Ways to Get Organized This Spring - www.katiehsnyder.com

This clothing rack is so cute and such a great addition if you need more clothing/shoe storage areas. Kendall and I have a decently sized closet, but I love using these racks to house my newer items or staple pieces that I use more often (bags, belts, shoes, etc). It’s super inexpensive, and it was also pretty easy to put together! I love it so much!

4. Expandable drawer dividers

I mentioned these expandable drawer dividers in my Amazon Favorites post a few weeks back. These are SUCH a great invention. I use mine in drawers all over our house, but I specifically love them for separating my leggings and in my bra drawer to separate sports bras from regular bras! You can really utilize these in so many ways!

5. Rolling Toiletry Cart
5 Ways to Get Organized This Spring - www.katiehsnyder.com

When Kendall and I first bought our home, he made me promise I wouldn’t be the girl who keeps 100 products on our bathroom sink. So we compromised with this rolling cart! I use my skincare, body, and hair products way too often to be keeping them under our sink. I love having this cart for easy access to everything I need in the mornings and nights!

(EXTRA!!!) 6. Makeup Organization
5 Ways to Get Organized This Spring - www.katiehsnyder.com

In case you didn’t already know – I’ve been a makeup junkie for YEARS now. I love having ways to easily organize my makeup collection so that I can USE what I have! The Container Store has so many organizing options at affordable prices – I even use a lot of their office supplies to organize my makeup (ie – a letter organizer for my palettes). I’ve linked several different acrylic organizers I use and love below!

I hope this has helped inspire you to get organized this spring! AN organized home is a happy home – that’s my motto! Have the best weekend, babes!
xoxo, katie

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