10 Current Favorites UNDER $10!

I don’t know about you, but quarantine has NOT done good things to my wallet. I’ve been doing WAY too much online shopping, and I justify it by saying we’re saving money on gas and eating out each week. I know there are so many great sales happening daily, and they’re so hard to pass up! So today’s post is for all of you that (just like me), can’t say no to online quarantine shopping. I wanted to give you some of mine and Kendall’s favorite lifestyle favorites that won’t break the bank. So without further ado, here are 10 Current Favorites UNDER $10!

10 under $10

#1 Target Socks || I know what you’re thinking. SOCKS? Really, Katie? But I have a confession: I have a very strange hatred towards white socks. And when Kendall and I first started dating, I made him replace all of his white socks with black socks. I DON’T KNOW what it is, but even my no-show socks are black. So with that said, these Target black footies are my FAVORITE black socks – I own 20+ pairs of them. So I thought I’d share. || $1.50 (1 pair) $9 (pack of 6) || SHOP THEM HERE

#2 Popcorn Seasonings || If there’s one thing the Snyder household ALWAYS has on deck, it’s popcorn. During quarantine, we just started dabbling in these popcorn seasonings and they’re AMAZING, y’all. They have so many different flavor options, but our favorite is the Garlic Parmesan! || $5.88 (pack of 2) || SHOP IT HERE

#3 Devotionals || I was SO SO HAPPY when I saw that my two favorite devotionals are both under $10. If I had to recommend a devotional to anyone, it’d FOR SURE be one of these two. Jesus Calling is great for a quick quiet time session in the mornings and it’s such an easy read, while Embraced is geared towards females and super relatable. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a new one! || SHOP JESUS CALLING HERE || SHOP EMBRACED HERE

#4 Glass Cleaner || Alright this may sound like a dumb “favorite”, but if you own any glass furniture or if you’re looking for the best glass cleaner for your mirrors, LOOK NO FURTHER. My mom originally introduced me to this, and it’s 100% the best glass cleaner I’ve ever used. So inexpensive too! || $1.99 || SHOP IT HERE

#5 Milani Blush || I mentioned on my Instagram stories the other day that I feel like blush is one thing that the drugstore does SO well. Several of you asked for my best recommendation, and this Milani blush in the shade Luminoso is IT. It’s actually a dupe for a higher-ended blush that everyone loves. The tones of it can’t be beat! || $6.39 || SHOP IT HERE

#6 Poo-pourri || Time for a little bit of honesty. Is there anything worse than being at a friend’s house and needing to use the restroom and realizing there’s no way to eliminate the evidence? The answer is NO. Do yourself + all your guests a favor and put one of these in all your bathrooms. You’re welcome. || $9.99 || SHOP IT HERE

#7 Target Tanks || In case I haven’t talked about these enough, I would like to reiterate my obsession with the $8 tanks from Target. My favorite part is that they’re high-necked, but I also love that they’re long enough to tuck in or wear over leggings. I wear a size small, I own them in 6+ colors, and they’re ON SALE NOW for just $5.60. GET THEM ALL, LADIES. || $5.60 through Saturday (regularly $8) || SHOP THEM HERE

#8 Wet N Wild Foundation || I’ve mentioned this before, but I looooove trying new foundations. I’ve had this Wet N Wild one in my collection for awhile, but I just recently started testing it out again after watching a YouTuber rave about it. I love this, and I hiiiiighly recommend it to anyone who loves a full-coverage moment! I’d pay $30+ for this without a doubt – so I can’t believe it’s less than $5! || $4.69 || SHOP IT HERE

#9ย Beauty Spongesย || Goodbye Beauty Blender, Goodbye Real Techniques Sponge. Best $9 I’ve ever spent. Need I say more? (you can check out all of my current Amazon Favorite HERE) ||ย $8.99ย ||ย SHOP THEM HERE

#10 Apple Watch Bands || Alright, time for more honesty. The watch band that comes with Apple watches is NOT made for workouts, y’all. The combination of the sweat build-up + having ZERO breathability gave me wrist rashes. Yes, you read that right. Wrist rashes. So if you struggle with the same thing, I 100% recommend getting these breathable bands from Amazon! Ever since I made the switch, my wrist has been rash-free. Lol. Ew. But they come in SO many colors! || $7.99 || SHOP THEM HERE

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I wanna know YOUR all-time favorite item or product that’s under $10 in a comment below!
xoxo, Katie

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